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I was Afraid

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Archim. Vassilios Bakoyiannis






“How great are your works, O Lord! You have made all things in wisdom” (Ps. 104:24)

Nowhere else, in this world does God’s wisdom and omnipotence manifest so obviously
as in creation! “Oh Lord, I heard your voice and was afraid!” (Habakkuk 3:2).

Watching, O Lord, Your works, it was as if You were talking to me. And I was afraid…!
We can’t articulate the miracle of creation. What we can do, is just to touch upon it.
And this is what we try to do in the present book.

Part 1
1st – 6th Day of Creation

First Day
The Creation of earth and the heavens
The Earth was Invisible
Let Light be born

Second Day
The Firmament

Third Day
The Seas
And the dry land appeared
Let the Earth bring forth grass
Nature is alive
Wise Creator, wise creations!

Fourth Day
The Universe and the sun
Sun, day and night
The sun and the seasons

Fifth Day
The fish
The birds
The phoenix bird

Sixth Day
The land animals
Be fruitful and multiply
Man: A logical being
The hidden meaning

Part II
The Creation of Man
Providence and wisdom
In Our Image
From the dust of the ground
The creation of woman

Part III
The Fall of Adam
After the Fall
Why didn’t He impede Adam
Why did He create Adam?

Part IV
Anti-Biblical Opinions
On the creation of man
Human Evolution
The Big Bang theory
The faith of the unfaithful
Creation and divine philanthropy

A note from the publisher: A delightful and insightful book with lots of commentary on Genesis from Saint Basil’s hexaemeron and Saint John Chrysostom.


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