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Life After Death

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The book Life after death examines all the issues surrounding the departure of the soul from the body up until life following Christ’s Second Coming.

It looks at how the soul is separated from the body by death, and how human identity is preserved after this separation. The delicate subject of why some infants die is considered in the light of what the Fathers have written on this subject. There is also a balanced consideration of what the soul encounters immediately after death – the ‘customs houses’. The resurrection of bodies, the events of the Judgment, what is meant by the eternal Kingdom of God and what we must do in order to enjoy it are all covered.

For those interested in more theological background there are chapters on why the Church does not believe in purgatorial fire or that Hell will eventually be abolished.

Life after death is a book that offers both knowledge and consolation, and should be read by everyone who is concerned about the death of those close to them and their own. It demonstrates that by living within the Church, through life in Christ, man can experience the Kingdom of God from this the present life and overcome death.


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