Lives of Saints Vol. 08: The Holy Virgin Martyr Marcella of Chios

The Holy Virgin Martyr Marcella of Chios, to preserve her virginity she fled and was killed by her lustful father (July 22)

Also included in this volume: the lives, Troparion and Kontakion of:

  • Saint Stephen of Decani, who because of slander was blinded by his own father and later killed by his own son (November 11)
  • Holy Father David of Thessalonica, who became holy in his struggles in an almond tree (June 26)
  • Child-Martyr Artemius of Verkola, who was killed by lightening at 12 years old and later was found to be incorrupt (June 23 and October 20)
  • Saint Euphrosyne of Suzdal, Russia's Princess who preferred the monastic life  (September 25)

Author: Holy Dormition Sisterhood
Format: Softcover
Pages: 58