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Meet the Evangelists: Christina Book Series

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Maria Khoury






Meet the Evangelists is enriched with colourful Byzantine icons to help young readers grow closer to God and provide basic spiritual nourishment. The author hopes to help children have a close-up look at the writers of the Gospels whose names we say so often throughout our lifetime, but whose lives we may know little about.

Meet the Evangelists hopes to remind us that when we read the Holy Gospel, our Lord Jesus Christ is actually teaching us that the greatest commandment is to love God and one another, All nine books in the Christina Books Series include rich spiritual and theological knowledge in very simple words for children to understand. Knowing many examples of special people like St Matthew, St Mark, St Luke and St John, who placed God first in their lives, can give children the courage to meet different challenges in life. Reading this lovely book equips children with the tools of knowledge and understanding to experience a purposeful and devout life in Christ our Lord. — Backcover

These books have been autographed by the author.


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