Modern Orthodox Saints 09: St Methodia of Kimolos

This volume, the ninth of the series Modern Orthodox Saints, is devoted to the most remarkable Greek woman saint of recent times, St Methodia of Kimolos, Patron saint of Kimolos one of the Cyclades Islands. St Methodia was a native of Kimolos, and led there a life of spiritual endeavour from the age of about 17 to the time of her death (1908) at the age of 43. Employing the traditional Eastern Orthodox monastic practises of long day and night prayers, mediation, study of religious writings, fasting and other forms of hardship, she developed into a person of exemplary virtue, a teacher of true Christian living, a counsellor, comforter and healer. -- Backcover

Author: Constantine Cavarnos
Format: Softcover
Pages: 123