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My Orthodox Counting Book: A Multicultural Way to Stimulate Curiosity about Faith

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Exposure to holy images can stimulate children’s spiritual growth and development. My Orthodox Counting Book was especially created for young children that need help with participating in the Divine Liturgy at their level. The book allows preschool children to focus on certain Orthodox traditions and values as they count from one to twelve.
My Orthodox Counting Book is also wonderful to read as a bedtime story because it can inspire many questions about our faith. Children can learn how to count in five different languages: English, Greek, Arabic, Spanish and French by studying the numbers with their parents or guardians along with becoming more familiar with items in the Church that have deep meaning for Orthodox Christians. The book starts with a censer we use at home to represent individual prayer and ends with a censer we see in Church to represent corporate prayer or community worship. The author selected to stop counting at twelve in remembrance of the twelve Apostles.
Ages: Preschool and up


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