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Eglé-Ekaterine Potamitis






This book has 62 full color pages, including explanations of the prayers and of the five greatest Church Feasts.

Why do we pray? An essential part of our life as an Orthodox Christian is communication with God. He speaks to us through the Church, the Holy Tradition and the Holy Scriptures, while we speak to Him through prayer.

But what is prayer? Prayer is a way unique to man, the only way, to communicate and enter in a personal relationship with God, His saints, and the Theotokos. Prayer fills our life with matchless joy. It fills our soul, and the world around us with peace and serenity.

How do we pray? Through this lavishly illustrated book, we learn to participate in the prayers of the Orthodox Church. With illustrated prayers and theological explanations, children can participate in the beautiful prayers of the Church.

Author: Eglé-Ekaterine Potamitis
Format: Hardcover


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