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My Synaxarion A Saint for Every Day JANUARY

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Eglé-Ekaterine Potamitis






The Lives of the Saints inspire us to serve the Lord and live according to His Will.The Saints of the Church are the living seeds of Christ’s teachings that sprout across the ages and grow into mighty, spiritual trees under which we find shelter from the blizzards and storms of this world.Jan. 1     Saint Basil the Great
Jan. 2     Saint Seraphim of Sarov
Jan. 3     Saint Genevieve of Paris
Jan. 4     Saint Niekphoros
Jan. 5     Saint Syncletike
Jan. 6     The Baptism of Christ
Jan. 7     Saint John the Forerunner
Jan. 8     Saint Domnica
Jan. 9     Saint Eustratios
Jan. 10   Saint Gregory of Nyssa
Jan. 11   Saint Theodosios the Great
Jan. 12   Saint Tatiana
Jan. 13   Saint Maximos the Kavsokalyvite
Jan. 14   Saint Nina (or Nino) of Georgia
Jan. 15   Saint John the Hut-Dweller
Jan. 16   Apostle Peter’s Precious Chains
Jan. 17   Saint Anthony the Great
Jan. 18   Saint Athanasios
Jan. 19   Saint Makarios the Great
Jan. 20   Saint Euthymios
Jan. 21   Saint Maximos the Confessor
Jan. 22   Saint Anastasios the Persian
Jan. 23   Saint Clement of Ancyra
Jan. 24   Saint Xenia of Saint Petersburg
Jan. 25   Saint Gregory the Theologian
Jan. 26   Saint Xenophon and his family
Jan. 27   Saint Demetrios the Bartender
Jan. 28   Saint Ephraim the Syrian
Jan. 29   Saint Gildas the Wise
Jan. 30   The Three Hierarchs (St Basil the Great also known as St Basil of Caesarea; St Gregory the Theologian also known as St Gregory of Nazianzus; St John Chrysostom)
Jan. 31   Saint Arsenios of ParosAuthor: Eglé-Ekaterine Potamitis
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