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Eglé-Ekaterine Potamitis






The Lives of the Saints inspire us to serve the Lord and live according to His Will.

The Saints of the Church are the living seeds of Christ’s teachings that sprout across the ages and grow into mighty, spiritual trees under which we find shelter from the blizzards and storms of this world.

June 1  Saint Ronan of Locronan
June 2 Saint Blandina of Lyon
June 3 Saint Kevin of Glendalough
June 4 Saint Sophia of Thrace
June 5 Saint Dorotheos of Tyre
June 6 Saint Hilarion the New
June 7 Saint Panagis Basias
June 8 Saint Kalliopi
June 9 Saint Cyril of Alexandria
June 10 Saints Alexander and Antonina
June 11 Saint Mitrophan of China
June 12 Saint Onuphrios
June 13 Saint Aquilina
June 14  Holy Prophet Elisha
June 15 Saint Augustine of Hippo
June 16 Saint Tychon of Amathous
June 17 Saint Nectan of Hartland
June 18 Saint Calogero
June 19 Holy Apostle Jude Thaddaeus
June 20 Saint Nikolas Kabasilas
June 21 Saint Julian of Antioch
June 22 Saint Alban of Britain
June 23 Saint Audrey of Ely
June 24 The Nativity of Saint John
June 25 Saints Peter and Fevronia
June 26 Saint David the Dendrite
June 27 Saint Sampson the Inn-Keeper
June 28 Saints Sergius and Herman
June 29 Holy Apostles Peter and Paul
June 30 Holy Twelve Apostles


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