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My Warrior Saints

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Dionysios & Eglé-Ekaterine Potamitis






A book about true heroes. My Warrior Saints introduces the children in your life to extraordinary moments from the lives and miracles of the Saints, the only, true heroes. Includes CD. — Backcover

Age: 7-8 years and older

Saints include:

Saint Mercurius – The Sword of the Archangel
Saint Theodore – A Dreadful Serpent Dragon
Saint Artemius – Pious Artemius and the Cruel King
Saint Eustathius – Victorious Eustathius and his faith in God
Saint Callistratus – The Faithful Soldier and His 49 Companions
Saint George – The Saint and the Dragon
Saint Procopius – The Power of the Cross
Saint Constantine – Conquer by This
Saint Menas – The Terrifying Rider
Saint Nikitas – A Christian Goth
Saint Sergius & Saint Bacchus – True Friends in Christ


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