Orthodox Church History (Teacher’s Manual)

Orthodox Church History (Teacher's Manual)

The ancient world
The Israelites, the chosen People of God
The fullness of time
The Church is established
The Holy Apostles
Christianity spreads to the world
St Paul's missionary journey
The Church develops
Christianity spreads in spite of conflicts
Apostolic Fathers of the Church
The persecutions (External Conflicts)
The Church grew and expanded
The triumph of the Church
New controversies in the Church
The Creed of Faith (I)
The Creed of Faith (II)
Sixth and seventh Councils - The iconoclastic period
Development of the Orthodox Monasticism
Christianity spreads to the Slavonic Nations
The separation of East and West
The Great Schism
Other differences between the Churches
Period of Crusaders
The Orthodox Church and Scholasticism
Pillars of Orthodoxy (I) Monasticism
Protestant Reformation
The Reformation continues
English Reformation
General conclusion on Protestantism
The Byzantine Empire collapsed, but Orthodoxy prevailed

Patristic Period (I) Athansius, St Basil the Great
Patristic Period (II) St Gregory the Theologian, ST John Chrysostom
Christian Art during the Golden Age
Development of the divine Liturgy

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