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Orthodox Saints vol. 4

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In chronological order, the lives of nearly 500 saints of the Orthodox Church, simply and briefly told for the general reader.

Covers the liturgical period of October 1-  December 31

St Romanos Melodos
St Ananias
St John Kukuzelis
St Cyprian and Justina
St Dionysios
St Peter of Paitolia
St Charitine
St Thomas
St Polychromios
St Sergius and Bakchos
St Pelagia
St James the Less
St Theophilos the Confessor
St Philip the Deacon
St Probos, Andronikos and Tarachos
St Floerntius
St Chryse and Neomartyr
St Kosmas Melodos
St Loukianos (Lucian)
St Longinus
St Lazarus
St Luke the Evangelist
St Gabriel and Kermidoli of Egypt
St Uaros of Egypt
St Gerasimos
St Artemios
St Hilarios the Great
St John of Monemvasia
St Averkios
St James (Iakovos)
St Sebastian
St Arethas and the Martyrs of Najran
St Markiamos and Martyrios
St Demetrios and Nestor
St Athanasios, Patriarch of Constantinople
St Anastia of Rome
St Marcian
St Stachys
St Helen of Sinope

Sts Kosmas and Damianos
Sts Akindynos, Pegasops, A,e,bodistos, Aphthonios and Elpidophoros
St George of Neapolis
St Ioannikos
St Porphyrios the Mimic
St Hermas, Patrobas, Linos, Gaius and Philologoa
St Paul of Constantinople
St Lazaros of Mount Galesion
St Hieron of Tyrana
St Symeon the Translator
The Archangels
St Nektarios, the Modern Saint
St Milos of Babylon
St Theodore the Studite
St Mena of Egypt
St John the Merciful
St John Chrysostom
St Philip the Apostle
St Gregory the Apostle
St Justinian and Theodore of Constantinople
St Matthew the Evangelist
St Gregory the Wonderworker
St Anastasios the Neomartyr
St Barlaam
St Dasios
Presentation of the Virgin Mary
St Philemon
St Amphilochios
St Celement of Rome
St Peter of Alexandria
St Katherins
St Merkurios
St Stylianos the Hermit
St Alepios the Stylite
St James of Persia
st Stephen the Younger
St Paramanos of Balsatia
St Frumentios of Ethiopia
St Andrew


St Philaretos the Merciful
St Myrope
St Theodore of Alexandria
St Seraphim of Phanarion
St Barbara
St John of Damascus
St Savvas
St Nicholas
St Ambrose of Milan
St Patapios
St Stephen of the Church of Antipas
St Menas, Hermogenes and Eugraphos
St Daniel the Stylite
St Spyridon
St Gabriel, Archbishop of Serbia
St Thyrsos ad Leukios
Sts Philemon, Apollonios and Arrianos
St Eleutherios
St Lucia
St Joseph
St Modestos
St Dionysios of Zakynthos (Zante)
St Sebastian
St Gregentios of Ethiopia
St Ignatios of Antioch
St Juliane of Nikomedia
St Anastasia (Pharmakolytria)
St Naum
St Eugenia, Virgin and Martyr
Nativity of our Blessed Lors
St Konstantinos the Russian, Neomartyr
St Euthymios, Bishop of Sardis
St Stephen
St Simon
The Holy Infants
St Theodore of Caesarea
St Zotikos
St Melania


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