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Orthodox Spiritual Life

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Giorgios I. Mantzarides






An introduction to Orthodox spiritual life by one of Greece’s most distinguished scholars. In the book, Mantzarides covers basic themes such as self-knowledge and knowledge of God, sin and repentance, the Divine Liturgy, the saints, social action, and prayer. Each theme draws upon the wisdom of the Fathers of the Church and each chapter concludes with an excerpt from a significant patristic writer. As he writes, Orthodox Christians need to know their roots better so that they may “follow the Fathers.” Orthodox Christians understand this to mean that they are not reducing the the patristic tradition to an archeological artifact but accepting the living presence of the Fathers in the body of Christ to which they also belong, and being led by their life teaching, their manner and mind. Ideal for study groups, readers will find the chapters intelligible and inspiring, even as they challenge one to a deeper appropriation of the Orthodox Faith.


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