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Orthodoxy and the Kingdom of Satan

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Fr Spyridon Bailey






Father Spyridon Bailey presents a sober interpretation of our times and concludes that international organisations are working to prepare us for Antichrist.
The first section presents evidence concerning the UN, arms dealers, banking and the secret societies that determine the fate of nations.
The final section describes the means of mind control used against us in the media, education, culture and society.
Finally he draws on the prophecies of Orthodox saints to identify what we must expect in the future and how we should prepare ourselves.
This is a book that will receive mixed reactions – in it some will find comfort, encouragement  and a confirmation of what they suspected is happening. Others will be troubled by what they read, because it challenges everything the media is telling them. “It’s later than we think” a monk once told us, perhaps it’s later than we dare imagine. — Backcover


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