Orthodoxy & Catholicism: What are the Differences?

Orthodoxy & Catholicism: What are the Differences?

"Orthodoxy and Catholicism - they're both pretty much the same. Right?"

Well, as a matter of fact, though they share many similarities and a common heritage, there are significant differences between these two religious bodies. These differences have been the cause of great confusion on the part of members from both confessions, not to mention those looking on from Protestant or non-traditional backgrounds.

In Orthodoxy and Catholicism, a former Roman Catholic chronicles his own journey to the Orthodox Faith and examines the critical issues that influenced his decision. These issues include papal authority, the Filioque controversy and the 'new' dogmas of the Catholic Church.

Written in a thoughtful, non-confrontational styles, Orthodoxy and Catholicism describes the basic differences, providing a clear apologetic from the Orthodox perspective. -- Backcover

Author: Fr Theodore Pulcini
Format: Softcover
Pages: 24
Price: $9