Our Saints

Our Saints: Dimitrios the Myrrh-Yielder, Nestor, Lupus, Anysia, Grigorios (Kallidis)

The Saints of our Church
Saint Dimitrios the Myrrh-Yielder
Miracles of St Demitrios: The Cure of Marianus the Eparch and a Contemporary Miracle
The Honour paid by the Church to the Benefactor Loukas Spanoudis
The Saint who Loves and Saves the City
Saint Dimitrios the Giver of Health
The Holy Relics of Saint Dimitrios
The Last Pascha and Thessaloniki
Saint Nestor, the Martyr of Christ
Saint Lupus, friend of the Patron Saint and Martyr for Christ
The Blessed Martyr Saint Anysia
Saint Grigorios (Kallidis) Metropolitan of Irklea and Raidestos
Sung Services for the Saint
From the Hymnology of our Saint

Author:Fr Asterios Karabatakis
Format: Softcover
Pages: 80
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