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Holy Icons of Panagia #1 Panagia Voulkaniotissa

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Eglé-Ekaterine Potamitis




This series is produced to support those learning about the importance of the Mother of God in our spiritual life and our salvation.

Learn about the miraculous Voulkaniotissa, a Holy Icon of the Theotokos treasured at the Monastery of Voulkanou, just outside the city of Messine in the Peloponnese. Learn how Voulkaniotissa saved the area around the Voulkanou Monastery from a genuine and devastating pandemic.

“We were delighted this week to add the book Panagia Voulkaniotissa by Potamitis Press to our collection. It is the first book in the Holy Icons of the Panagia series. I have always found Potamitis books aesthetically pleasing, spiritually edifying, and of excellent quality. Panagia Voulkaniotissa is a lovely book and a very worthy addition to any library of orthodox children’s books.”


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