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Papa-Dimitri Gagastathis: The man of God (1902-1975) Life, Miracles & Spiritual Counsels of a Simple Priest of our Days

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Papa-Dimitrios Gagastathis






A holy man of our days, Father Dimitrios Gagastathis [was] a simple priest of the Orthodox Church who lived in a village of Greece from 1902 to 1975. Living in such a world as we do today, with all its revolt against God, its heedless pursuit of superficial happiness, its ‘scientific’ arrogance and its ‘philosophical’ confusion, the All-good God still provides us in His infinite love with living signs to alert, enlighten and guide us on the path of salvation.
The Word of God, our Lord and God Jesus Christ has said that … “God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty” (I Corinthians 1:27)…
Fr Dimitrios Gagastathis was such a ‘simple’ and ‘weak’ man chosen by God to enlighten others in these difficult times. He had no education – he could no even make a proper sermon – but in his great simplicity and love for God, he became worthy of receiving abundantly God’s grace and becoming a living sermon himself…
The book contains mostly autobiographical notes taken from the correspondence of Fr Dimitrios. In these notes, many extraordinary and wondrous things are recorded, which moreover, are stated in such naturalness and directness, that will perhaps shock or scandalise some. After all, living among the saints is, unfortunately, one of the things our society is not familiar with, not to mention the confusion that false ‘spiritual’ men have introduced in it. But the reader has to bear in mind that the present account comes from a most simple and guileless priest, who knew nothing about polished writing, but who “having Christ living in him” (Galations 2:20) could not but reveal everything he experienced as just an ‘imperative’ glorification to God. –– Preface


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