Sacred Catechism of the Orthodox Church

Sacred Catechism of the Orthodox Church

The Sacred Catechism of Vernardakis (1833 - 1907), a distinguished professor of the University of Athens, was selected in 1872 by the Oecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople as the ebst of all catechisms in existence and highyl recommended for use in the schools.

A British scholar, Claude Delaval Cobham, who resided in Cyprus as Commissioner of Larnaca, prepared an abridged English-language version of the Sacred Catechism, and had it published in Nicosia, Cyprus. Professor Constantine Cavarnos studied it painstakingly and found it very concise, precise, clear, analytical, extremely edifying, truly Orthodox Christian in substance and in manner of exposition. Seeing the great need for such a book, he decided to have it published. Accordingly, he made various improvements to Cobham's translation and presentation of the text.

For those who desire to learn something more of substance about the Orthodox Church, Cavarnos has added a Supplement that consists of three iluminating chapters on Orthodox Architecture, Iconography, and Hymnody. -- Backcover

Author: Demetrios N. Vernardakis
Format: Softcover
Pages: 141

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