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Saint Sava the Sanctified

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Saint Sava the Sanctified, Papadopoulos & Lizardos (Translaters)


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This booklet describes the life of St Sava the Sanctified.
When he was 8 years old, St Sava left home and was tonsured a monk in a nearby monastery. After 10 years he moved to the monasteries of Palestine and remained longest in the Monasteries of Palestine. St Euthymius prophesied that Savva would become a famous monk and teacher of monks and that he would establish a lavra greater than all the lavras of that time.
He endured many assaults from all sides: from those who were close to him, from heretics and from demons. But he triumphed over them all: those close to him by kindness and indulgence; the heretics by his unwavering confession of the Orthodox Faith; the demons by the sign of the Cross and calling upon God for help.
In all, Sava established 7 monasteries. He and Theodosius the Great, his neighbour, are considered to be the greatest lights and pillars of Orthodoxy in the East. They correct emperors and patriarchs in matters of the Faith and to everyone they served as an example of saintly humility and the miraculous power of God. — The Prologue of Ohrid

Includes: Dismissal Troparia and Kontakion


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