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Saint Sergius: A Beacon in the Wilderness of Radonezh

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George Danias & Christina Hatzithanasi-Dania






Saint Sergius: A Beacon in the Wilderness of Radonezh, by George and Christian Danias, authors of Christ Amongst Us and Vested in Christ. Translated by Fr. Peter Chamberas.

About 700 years ago, in the dense forest of Radonezh not far from Moscow, a humble monk built a small wooden church and dedicated it to the Holy Trinity. In the span of a few years, that ascetic’s reputation began to spread far and wide. People began to visit the area in order to consult with the elder — even royalty considered it an honor to speak with him! Today, there is a magnificent monastery in the place where that small Church once stood. But what happened to that humble monk?

In the pages of this book, you will read all about the wondrous life of that monk — Saint Sergius of Radonezh — and how he became a beacon of the holy Orthodox faith and a river of holiness!


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