Saint Zoticus: Guardian of Orphans

"Our Saints of the Church, who with their Example and blameless life, open up the way to heaven, to all those who are anxiously and desperately seeking inspiration and worthy models in this dark age of misdirection and corruption…"

1. Introduction
2. His Roots
3. The Young Nobleman Endowed with the Gift of Love
4. The Emperor Departs this Life for Heaven
5. A Two-fold Catastrophe
6. An important Decision
7. The Boldness of Love
8. The Community of Lepers
9. The Leper Princess
10. A New Misfortune Befalls Constantinople
11. The Great Discovery
12. Saint Zotic's Martyrdom
13. His End Became a Beginning
14. The Emperor's Profound Repentance
15. A Small Glossary