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Spiritual Counsels Volume I: With Pain and Love for Contemporary Man

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Elder Paisios






This book is an anthology of the many discussions Elder Paisios had with his spiritual children, especially the nuns of St. John the Theologian Monastery in Souroti, Thessaloniki. The topics are ordered thematically in currently four different titles. In this first volume, With Pain and Love for Contemporary Man, the topics are:

  1. Part One – Sin and the Devil
    1. It is Fashionable to Sin
    2. These Days the Devil is Roaming Free
    3. The Secular Spirit
    4. Injustice is a Great Sin
    5. Bless and Do Not Curse
    6. Sin Brings Calamities
  2. Part Two – Modern Civilization
    1. God’s Wisdom and the Environment
    2. The Era of Many Comforts
    3. Avoid Anxiety by Simplifying Your Life
    4. External Noise and Internal Tranquility
    5. Too Many Worries Distance Us From God
  3. Part Three – The Spirit of God and the Spirit of the World
    1. Secular Education and Knowledge
    2. Rationalism in Our Times
    3. The New Generation
    4. Impudence and Disrespect
    5. Inner Disorder and External Appearance
  4. Part Four – The Church in Our Times
    1. Education
    2. The Clergy and the Church
    3. Holy Days and Holidays
    4. The Orthodox Tradition


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