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Spiritual Counsels Volume VI: On Prayer

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Saint Paisios






Part One: Communication with God
Chapter 1: Prayer is Conversation with God
Chapter 2: The Need for Prayer
Chapter 3: In Order for God to Hear Us
Chapter 4: Preparing for Divine Communication

Part Two: The Struggle for Prayer
Chapter 1: Difficulties in Prayer
Chapter 2: The Devil Battles the One Who Prays
Chapter 3: So That the Heart Will Warm Up to Prayer
Chapter 4: “O Come, Let Us Worship

Part Three: Our Intercessors Before God
Chapter 1 : Panagia, Our Most Loving Mother
Chapter 2: The Guardian Angel
Chapter 3: The Saints, the Beloved Children of God

Part Four: “Ask and it Shall be Given You”
Chapter 1: Prayer for Our Own Self
Chapter 2: Prayer for Others
Chapter 3: Prayer for Those who Have Fallen Asleep in the Lord
Chapter 4: For the Devil, the Psalter is a Strike of Lightening

Part Five: The Jesus Prayer and Nepsis
Chapter 1: The power of the Jesus Prayer
Chapter 2: The Work of the Jesus Prayer
Chapter 3: The Work of the Mind
Chapter 4: Collaboration of the Nous and the Heart

Part Six: The Life of Worship
Chapter 1: Ecclesiastical Seasons
Chapter 2: Common Prayer
Chapter 3: Participation in the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist
Chapter 4: “Sing Praises to God, Sing Praises!”

Part Seven: The State of Doxology
Chapter 1: Doxology to God
Chapter 2: The Field of Doxology
Chapter 3: The Gifts of God

Circumstances of the Psalms of Saint Arsenios
A Prayer Rule Using the Circumstances of the Psalms




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