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St. Eustathios Placidas: His Life, Longsuffering, and Martyrdom

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The sisters of St. John the Forerunner Monastery






The life and martyrdom of Saint Eustathios Placidas of Rome (+118).

This book is written in a simple, story-like format and will be enjoyed by both teenagers and adults alike.

This book is written with a spirit of simplicity and love for the Saints of the Church. Its goal is to provide enjoyable, and at the same time, constructive reading for those whose soul finds comfort in the lives of the friends of God, the Saints of our Church. These saints showed with their lives how the sacred gospel is put into practice and how to please and glorify the Triune God. Saint Eustathios Placidas is an excellent example of a Christian Martyr, laboring for God in the first Christian years, who entirely fulfils the words ‘crucified with Christ’ (Gal 2:20). He was neither indignant, nor grumbled in his many trials, but instead he was patient, praying and thanking God for them.

Placidas the General
Preparations for the Engagement
In the Basement of the Palace
Drosilla’s Disappearance
On the Hunt
The Deer with the Golden Cross
Saint Clement
A Poorly Made Fish
In the Catacomb of St. Agnes
A Revelation
Death Does Not Exist for Living Souls
The Exiles
Tatiana’s Capture
Old Porphirios
The Slave and the Captain
The General is Brought to His Knees
The Hermit
The Exiled General
Placidas’ Triumph
The Slave
The Two Brothers
The Longed-for Meeting
The General’s Return
Resentment of Soul—A Riveting Nail
The General’s Confession
Toward Martyrdom


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