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St Paisios of the Holy Mountain: The Empirical Theologian GREEK

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Metropolitan Ierotheos Vlachos of Nafpaktos






St Paisios of the Holy Mountain is an amazing testimony to the sanctity and the visionary experiences of a contemporary saint of our Church whose renown is universal. He exercised a powerful influence on Orthodox and non-Orthodox Christians, on people of other faiths and non-believers.

Metropolitan Hierotheos was in contact with St Paisios of the Holy Mountain on spiritual matters over many years. In his letter to the Ecumenical Patriarch he presents the theological criteria and pre-conditions for inclusion in the Church’s calendar of saints, thus confirming the sanctity of Father Paisios.

There are many people nowadays who talk about deification and use the Fathers to support their views. Few, however, know the means and method to follow to reach holiness. The words and life of St Paisios of the Holy Mountain show us how to live the spiritual life, how to follow the path of monasticism, what the Orthodox Church is, and how we can become living members of it. When, by using the appropriate therapeutic method, someone experiences Christ in his heart, he not only bears witness to his faith but also helps and heals others.

St Paisios of the Holy Mountain is a book that responds to the agonising search of those who are suffering and disillusioned, particularly young people, who are looking for support, a word to console their heart, and something other than rationalism and selfishness.


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