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The Ancient Faith Psalter

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Monks of the Orthodox Church (Editor), Ancient Faith Publishing






A dedicated group of Orthodox monks (who wish to remain anonymous) have created a fresh English translation of the Masoretic Hebrew text of the Psalter, corrected to the Septuagint, that is eminently readable and singable.

This Psalter will make the perfect companion for your Ancient Faith Prayer Book.

Durable soft cover, with gold foil stamping.

When you read this Psalter, you’ll notice that the Psalms are not in numerical order. That was done intentionally. This edition of the Psalter was done for prayer, at home or in Church, rather than for reference. It’s not just another ‘Book of Psalms.’ That means the Psalms are organised according to the established cycle of daily readings for Orthodox Christian monastic practice. We follow the same order in our Churches and in our homes. If you’d like more information for reference purposes, we recommend the Book of Psalms (and its accompanying notes) in The Orthodox Study Bible.


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