The Apostolos: Epistle Lectionary

The Apostolos: Epistle Lectionary

Gospel and Epistle Lectionaries of anthological texts taken from the 4 Gospels, the Acts of the Holy Apostles, and the 21 Epistles of the Holy Apostles, as they are read in the divine services of the Holy Orthodox Church for the entire liturgical year.

The English text is based on The Orthodox New Testament. Holy Apostles Convent and Dormition Skete have provided a translation and compilation of the complete texts used by both the Great Church of Constantinople and the Church Slavonic. A very easy user-friendly index is provided in both volumes showing Slavonic usage of section numbers cross-referenced with Greek usage of subheadings. The books are suitable for Church use, reader services, and private devotions.

Contents of both volumes include Readings for the entire liturgical year for Orthodox Church Services, including those for Sundays, Weekdays, the Great Fast, Holy Week, Matins (Orthros), immovable Feast days, Saints from the Menaia, and the holy Mysteries. Appendices contain Readings for General Services and Special Occasions, and future paschal dates. In addition, The Apostolos provides applicable Antiphons, Entrance Verses, Prokeimena, Alleluia Verses, and Communion Hymns, according to both Greek and Slavonic usages. This is a first ever in English for various liturgical rubrics and typika used by priests, deacons, readers, chanters, and choir directors.

These service books are beautifully printed in easy-to-read large 16-point two-color typeface. The attractive, yet strong and elegant, Smyth-sewn 8½ x 11 format is comfortable to handle. The handsome spine and front and back covers are clearly and attractively display icons embossed in gold foil.

The Apostolos (The Epistle Lectionary) is case-bound in a top quality rich royal blue leatherette binding with gold foil stamping. The front and back covers have traditional icons of the holy Apostles and Prophets, with two sewn-in ribbon markers, gold and red.

Author: Holy Apostles Convent, Publisher
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 608
Price: $157