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The Ascetic of Love: Mother Gavrilia

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Nun Gavrilia, Helen Anthony, Translator






A journey into the heart of Love over 94 years and 4 continents Mother Gavrilia 1897 – 1992

‘Everyone is stressed! What’s going on? Something like… Joy has lost its meaning. This is really serious! In India they wait for Christ to come and in this expectation they are happy to wait. We already ‘have’ Him and yet we don’t reflect Him. We are very guilty. Terribly guilty.’ ‘Where you go, what you do, how you live, whether you help others…only one thing matters: the Nature and the Measure of the Love that you give to everyone. Everyone. Without distinctions.’ ‘If the Lord was Present and Visible, what would you do? would you do this? If He was Present, would you do that? This shields you from every type of sin.’ ‘Once Love is there, from then on what you say will be according to the will of God.’ ‘If I am obedient to God’s will, I can’t become…stressed.’ ‘I’ve come at the eleventh hour…but the Lord said that even those who come at the last minute are permitted to work.’ ‘If we ourselves become the mirror in which the other sees his face reflected, and if that mirror is happy, he too will see something of it.’ ‘We have need of three things: the first is Faith, the second is Faith, and the third is Faith.’


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