The Church Fathers on Love In Truth


The Holy Scriptures on non-Orthodox Teaching
The Schism of the Roman Catholic Church from the Eastern Orthodox Church 1054-1954
The Miracle of St Spyridon
The Fathers and Truth: Quotes from St Mark the Evgenikos, St Kosmas the Aitolos, St Nektarios of Aegina, St Justin Popvich of Serbia, St Nikodemos the Hagiorite
Father Philotheos Zervakos write s(1923)
The Romanian Fathers
The Announcement of the Joint Conference of the Abbots of Mt Athos 9/22/1980
Letter to the Patriarch of Constantinople from the Sacred Community of My Athos Dec. 8 1993

Author: Constantine Zalalas et al. (Translators)
Format: Softcover
Pages: 70
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