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The Experience of God vol. 3: The Person of Jesus Christ as God and Savior

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Fr Dimitri Staniloae






“In this, the third volume of The Experience of God, Fr. Dumitru Staniloae’s Orthodox Dogmatic Theology (the third half-volume of the Romanian original), we find his treatment of Christology, of the Person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ. At first sight, it seems a very traditional treatment – biblical witness of both the Old and New Testaments, the patristic witness, the theology of the Incarnation, and then a treatment of Christ’s work as Prophet, Priest, and King – but the traditional structure…disguises an account of Christ that, though certainly deeply traditional and Orthodox, is challenging and even revolutionary in its approach.” – From the introduction by Andrew Louth

Fr Dimitru Staniloae (1903-1993) is widely considered as one of the greatest Orthodox theologians of the 20th Century. He was Professor of Dogmatics at the Theological Institute in Bucharest, Romania from 1947-1973. In 1990 he was made a Member of the Romanian Academy. — Backcover



1. The Word of God in Creation and in the Old Testament
2. The Gospel Image of Jesus Christ: God and Man
3. The Person of the Incarnate Lord in the Faith of the Church
4. The Saving Power of the Incarnate Word
A. The Kenosis of the Son of God and the Deification of His Nature
B. The Uniqueness of the Virgin Mary, the Theotokos (Mother of God)
C. The Sinlessness of Christ and His Veneration as God
5. The One Work of Salvation: Jesus as Prophet and Teacher
6. The One Work of Salvation: Jesus as High Priest and Supreme Sacrifice
7. The One Work of Salvation: Jesus as the Risen Lord and King
A. The Resurrection of Christ
i. The Reality of Christ’s Resurrection
ii. The Relationship between the Risen Christ and the Historical Plane
B. The Ascension into Heaven and the Sitting at the Right Hand of the Father


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