The Experience Of God: Orthodox Dogmatic Theology, vol. 4 The Church: Communion in the Holy Spirit

As we see in this volume and the others that constitute his Dogmatic Theology, Fr Staniloae is both steeped in the accent tradition and conversant with his contemporaries....The result in the present volume is a theological work focusing on the Church that draws on the voices of his tradition, studies the reflections of his contemporaries, and constructs a 'traditional' synthesis that is unique and fresh.

Fr Staniloae's work is characterised by that dual fidelity - to the past and to the present - that is the requirement of any theologian of any era. But it is infused by a sense of inspiration that is difficult to find in any modern theological writing. Fr Staniloae's readers are encountering a voice that is thoroughly reliable in that it is so learned and faithful. But if is a deeply personal voice - creative and stunningly, disarmingly free. -- Backcover

Author: Fr Dimitri Staniloae
Format: Softcover
Pages: 175
Price: $42