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The Five Theological Orations

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Receiving Christian perfection through the vision of the Holy Trinity, Saint Gregory left us his orations expressing the inexpressible.

“What is this that has happened to me, O friends, and initiates, and fellow-lovers of the truth? I was running to lay hold on God, and thus I went up into the Mount, and drew aside the curtain of the Cloud, and entered away from matter and material things, and as far as I could I withdrew within myself. And then when I looked up, I barely saw the back parts of God, although I was sheltered by the Rock, the Word that has made flesh for us. And when I looked a little closer, I saw …”

The Five Theological Orations stand at the pinnacle of Orthodox Christian theology and are the texts which gained Saint Gregory, Archbishop of Constantinople, universal recognition and the title “the Theologian.”


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