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The Great Divide

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Fr Alexey Young






The Great Divide: The West severs itself from its Orthodox Christian roots: a historical overview

To an objective observer, Orthodoxy is a minority view, at variance with the spirit of the times; it is outside the mainstream of the Western confessions, which are more adapted to the world and therefore seem more credible. This credibility is based on a common foundation of the Western mentality, which Orthodoxy does not share. A thousand years ago, however, East and West spoke a common language. What happened to cause the divergence so apparent today?

History is not a sequence of chance events, a chronicle of tyrannies and democracies, of war and peace, in which one can find no meaning. It all makes sense given the perspective that there is a plan, an overall design, which is God’s plan for the salvation of men. — Hieromonk Seraphim Rose p.3


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