The Illness and Cure of the Soul in the Orthodox Tradition

From the time of man's creation, God imbued him with an 'impetus' to reach glorification to recognize God as his creator and Lord. When this 'impetus' is not satisfied, man is aware of an inner void and lives a sort of vapid non-existence. The enjoyment of material goods, the gratification of instincts, prosperity and self-love not only fail to satisfy him, but actually make his existential and psychological suffering worse. All man's searching aspires to fullness of life, to the quest for God and communion with Him. Ultimately, the Orthodox Church is the appropriate place for a person to satisfy his inner existential 'impetus', to be healed and to encounter the true Physician, Christ, Who will give him Light and life. The discussion described in this book took place within this framework.

Author: Archimandrite Hierotheos Vlachos
Format: Softcover
Pages: 172