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The Lenten Spring

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Fr Thomas Hopko






The Church welcomes the lenten spring with a spirit of exultation…with the enthusiasm of a child….The tone of the church services is one of brightness on Great Lent, casting out the gloom and darkness with which many Christians approach this holy season and revealing, in a simple, clear and beautiful manner, its true meaning.

In his meditations, Fr Hopko draws on his long experience as a pastor and teacher, working with young and old throughout the country, to present to the modern reader the relevance of the Church’s 2,000 year old tradition of preparing to greet our Lord’s Resurrection. But is so doing he also makes extensive use of all facets of church tradition from all times – inspiring scriptual and liturgical passages from the lenten services, the spiritual wisdom of the ancient saints and fathers, as well as the teachings of modern guides to the Christian life. — Bakccover


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