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The Little Rudder

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I. Rizos – A. Tsakiroglou






A selection and translation of Canons from the Holy Pedalion that refer to the Laity.

“But you can choose, if you wish, instead of Noah who gets saved, the crowd that got drowned. Forgive me, but I will get onto the Ark along with the few…
And again, if you wish, you can put yourself among the many of Sodom,
but I will walk together with Lot
who escapes the mob, even if he is alone.
Because to me the crowd that I respect is not that which is in indifferent to the research for truth but that which provides evidence…
not that which is pleased with the novelties,
but that which safeguards the patristic heritage.
And which crowd are you talking about?
About that which gets paid with flatteries and presents?
About that which has been caught up by lack of education and ignorance?
About that which has been deceived by imposters?
About that which has fallen spiritually due to cowardice and fear?
About that which has preferred the temporary pleasure of sin to the eternal life?
You suggest the mass of this crowd to support and justify the lie?”
Saint Theodore the Studite — Backcover


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