The Lord’s Prayer

'The Lord's Prayer', commonly known as the 'Our Father' is the supreme prayer of Christians, since it was delivered to us by the Lord Jesus Christ, following a request of his holy Disciples and Apostles. The Fathers of the Church have delivered many and profound explanations of this prayer, which constitutes the pinnacle of the introductory 'trisagion' which opens every Christian supplication. The present explanation of this prayer by St Makarios of Corinth (1731-1805) is the spiritual distillation of his study of the patristic explanation on this topic. It helps us to understand how this prayer is the key to our manner of life in Christ. From The Prologue -- Backcover

Author: St Makarios of Corinth, Protopresbyter George Dion. Dragas (Translator)
Format: Softcover
Pages: 54
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