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The Orthodox Faith, Worship and Life

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Hieromonk Gregorios






The Orthodox Faith, Worship and Life: Orthodox Catechism: An Outline

a. What is catechism?
b. The Content and development of catechism
c. The Purpose of catechism

1.1     Introductory remarks
a. Faith: man’s synergy in salvation
b. Knowledge of God

1.2     The Triune God
a. God is One and Triune
b. God the Fathers
c. The Only-Begotten Son of God
d. The Holy Spirit
e. The Life of the Holy Trinity is Love

1.3     The Creation of the Intelligible and Sensible World
a. Creation: An Overflowing of Divine Love
b. The Holy Angels
c. The Creation of the World
d. Man, the Image of God
e. The First Communion between God and Man

1.4     Divine Economy
a. The Purpose of Divine Economy
b. The Incarnation of the Word of God
c. The Manifestation of God’s Love
d. The Good News of Salvation
e. The Annunciation
f. The Nativity of Christ: God made manifest in the flesh
g. Christ’s circumcisions and name-giving
h. The Presentation of Christ in the Temple
i. The Baptism of Christ
j. The holy Transfiguration
k. The Passion of the Lord
l. The Resurrection of Christ
m. The Ascension of Christ
n. The descent of the Paraclete

1.5.    The Most Holy Theotokos
a. The All-holy Mother of God in the divine economy
b. The Nativity of the Theotokos
c. The Entry into the Temple
d. The Dormition of the Theotokos

1.6.     The Holy Church
a. The Church is the Body of Christ
b. The Church is one holy catholic and apostolic
c. Man’s entry into the Church
d. The Church is the communion of saints
e. Schisms and heresies
f. The synodical governance of the Church

1.7.    The Kingdom of God
a. The resurrection of the dead
b. The Second Coming of Christ
c. The Kingdom of God is the presence of Christ

2.1      Worship and Liturgical Feasts
a. Divine worship
b. Feasts and services

2.2.    The Place of Worship
a. The house of the Lord
b. Parts of the church building

2.3.    Holy Icons and Sacred Relics
a. Portable icons and wall paintings
b. The sign of the Cross
c. Holy relics

2.4.    The Sacred Liturgical Vessels

2.5.    Sacred Vestments and Liturgical Books
a. Sacred vestments
b. Liturgical books

2.6.    The Divine Liturgy
The presence of Christ
a. The work of the people of God
b. The Little Entrance and the sacred readings
c. The Great Entrance and the kiss of love
d. The true faith: the response to God’s love
e. The Holy Anaphora
f. The Sanctification
g. Above all we honour the All Holy Mother of God
h. Holy Communion

3.1.    Introductory Remarks
Christ imparts His own life to us

3.2.    The Era of the Old Testament
a. The initial Law
b. The ten commandments

3.3      The Era of Grace
a. The perfection of the old Law
b. The Beatitudes

3.4      Prayer
a. Prayer is the life of the soul
b. Preconditions for prayer
c. Participation of the body
d. The Lord’s Prayer
e. The Jesus Prayer

3.5.     Asceticism and Monasticism
a. The ascesis assigned to the first-formed humans
b. Orthodox Ascesis
c. Ascetic labour
d. Life-quickening deadness and longing for God
e. Monasticism

3.6.     The Triad of Virtues
a. Faith
b. Hope
c. Love

3.7.     The Deification of Man
a. Deification: the purpose of man’s life
b. The Church: the place of man’s deification
c. The journey towards deification

From the Confession of Faith (St Nikodemos of the Holy Mountain)


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