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The Paschal Fire in Jerusalem

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Bishop Auxentios of Photiki






The Paschal Fire in Jerusalem

I had heard about the Holy Fire and was, when I made my trip to Jerusalem for Pascha, not disbelieving. I found the idea that such a phenomenon existed interesting and I wanted to see it for myself. What I saw was interesting…..The Chursh was crowded beyond description. Before the manifestation of the Holy Fire, the Arabs created a tremendous scene, proclaiming the correctness of their Faith and running here and there through the Church….Then the Holy Fire was brought out by the Patriarch. During this time, I could see what appeared to be flashes of blue-coloured light bouncing off the walls of the dome of the Church and through the galleries. There was an electric quality to the air, almost like static electricity. — Dr Eugene Zavarin Professor of Chemistry (Retired) Backcover


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