The Spiritual Father

The pagan Nero had his own circle of people, those who were in accord with him, his friends and his followers. Naturally for these people, Nero was like a saint. They saw themselves through him. He expressed them.
If we had asked the Pharisees what their opinion of Christ was, they would have answered, "Away, with him!"
Each individual judges and views others according to his passions, desires, persuits and philosophy.
You should ask yourself whether you have determined within you what you believe a spiritual father should be like (based on your 'taste'). Maybe your idea of what a good spiritual father should be like is wrong. You should be aware that a good spiritual father may not satisfy our desires and wishes (what our ego wants us to believe). -- Backcover

Author: Archimandrite Vassilios Bakoyannis
Format: Softcover
Pages: 117