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The Transfiguration of Christ in Greek Patristic Literature

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C. Veniamin






Chapter 1: The Pre-Nicene Period
1. Apocryphal Literature
– Apocalypsis Petri
– Acta Iohannis
– Actus Petri Apostolici

2. Patristic Literature
– Irenaeus of Lyons
– Clement of Alexandria
– Origen

Chapter 2: Athanasius to Chrysostom
1. The Nicene Period
– Athanasius of Alexandria
– Eusebius of Caesarea
– Marcellus of Ancyra
– Cyril of Jerusalem

2. The Cappadocian Fathers
– Basil of Caesarea
– Gregory Nazianzua
– Gregory of Nyssa

3. John Chrysostom

PART II The Middle Patristic Period
Chapter 3: Cyril to Anastasius I of Antioch
Christopher Veniamin: The Transfiguration of Christ
– Cyril of Alexandria
– Proclus of Constantinople
– Basil of Seleucia
– DIonysios the Areopagite
– Anastasius I of Antioch

Chapter 4: Maximus to Symeon
– Maximus the Confessor
– Anastasius the Sinate
– Andrew of Crete
– John Damascene
– Symeon the New Theologian

PART III: The Fourteenth Century
Chapter 5: The Two Gregories
– Gregory the Sinaite
– Gregory Palamas


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