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The Truth of Our Faith Vol. 1

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Elder Cleopa, Fr Peter Heers (Translator)






In nearly one thousand references and explanations of Holy Scripture, Elder Cleopa (1912-1998) answers the questions of inquirers on such subjects as: the presuppositions of personal salvation, the study of Holy Scriptures, the veneration of icons, relics, the Saints and Angels, the Virgin Mary, and the True Cross, the offering of prayer for the dead, the Second Coming of Christ, His thousand year reign, speaking in tongues, and the keeping of the Lord’s feast on Sunday instead of Saturday.

Nineteen discourses, a preface by Athonite Abbot Joseph of Xeropotamou, a brief biography of the author, over thirty photos and icons and a scriptural index make this book an ideal introduction to the truth of our Faith for every seeker of Christian Orthodoxy.


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