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What are Angels?

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What or who are the angels? When and why were they created? What is their nature, what is their task, what is their relationship with people?
To these question, the Church, through the teachings of the Holy Fathers but also through the timeless experience of its Saints, is providing us with some discreet answers: useful and enough for our salvation, but not completely satisfactory towards our officious curiosity. What this means is that although the Church reveals to us many sides of the lives of angels, it keeps others secret inside the mysteries of the future age.
Subsequently, guided by Holy Scripture as well as the writings of the Holy Fathers, we will attempt an approach to the world of God’s holy angels. — Introduction

Chapter 1
Time of Creation
Way of Creation
Purpose of Creation
Comparison to People
Guardian Angels
Angels of Nations and Churches
Guardian Angels are also mentioned as Protectors of Cities
Archangel Michael

Chapter 2
Holy Scripture References
Agar and Ishmael
The Sacrifice of Abraham
The Hospitality of Abraham
The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah
Balaam and the Donkey
The Vocation of Gideon
The Birth of Samson
Destroyed by the Angel
The Accompanying Angel
Daniel and the Lion’s Den
The Annunciation
The Nativity
The Resurrection
The Ascension of the Lord
The Centurion Cornelius
The Release of the Apostle Peter

Chapter 3
The Synaxaria and Gerontika
Miracle at Chronae
The Prostitute who became a Saint
The Guardian of Chastity
Saint Paraskevi and the Angel
Angelic Prayers
Guardian and Guiding Angel
Saint John the “In the Well”
Wondrous Conversions
The Angelic Life of the Great Paisios
The Disobedient Submissive Martyr
The Angel’s Friend
Saint Pachomius and the Angel
The Golden Mouther and Angelic Saint
God’s Chosen Hierarch
Angels and Engel-like Figures
Angelic Teaching
The Mysteries of the Afterlife
Tales of Arsenius the Great
Angelic Torchbearers
The Saving Vow
The Repentance of the Eleventh Hour
The Demanding Cripple
Heavenly Contractors
The Bishop and the Jewish Woman
The Handkerchief of Repentance
The Weight of Judging
The Sealing of the Angel
Saint Golindouh
The Pauper Angel
The Elderly ArchangelThe Greatness of Charity
The Hidden Virtues
The Deceptive Gold
Vision Before Death
The God-Pleasing Debate
Angel-Like State
The Eagle-Angel
The Angel’s Slap
Tonsure by Angels
Tears of Repentance
The Punishment of Resentment
The Mystic to Secrecy
Axion Esti (Worthy It is)


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